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"About the Designer"

Owner and Macramé Designer, Debbie Walsh. During the 70’s and 80’s, Debbie quickly took to the art of Macramé.  She taught macramé at adult education classes, created beautiful plant hangers, wall hangings, owls, purses, and jewelry for family and friends. As an Artisan and Designer, Debbie is very excited to be bringing the beauty of Vintage Macramé back to life including a Modern twist that includes her own original designs. As the sole creator of all the macrame’ designs you see on this website, Debbie believes in using only the highest quality of macrame’ cord with the utmost attention to detail. When Debbie isn’t creating beautiful Macramé Designs, she is enjoying spending time in the outdoor world with her German Shepherd, taking photographs of Maine’s wildlife, kayaking, fishing, and singing. Macramé, the very old and almost lost art, Debbie is here to revive it! See your home, plants, and walls perk up with beauty, as you “Decorate your Life with Macramé.”

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